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 Lash Extensions

We offer several types of lash extensions, as well as Lash lifts, lash lifts, lash and brow tint. 

Classic Lash Extensions

Natural lash look, There is one lash per your natural lash. Simple, enhances your natural look.

Volume Lash Extensions

Full volume, classic lashes but a fuller, more dramatic look.

Hybrid Lash Extensions 

Combination of classic and volume lashes. More of a textured, layered look. Less bold than Volume lashes.

Lash Lift

Semi permanent procedure that curls and lifts natural lashes to appear fuller and longer.

Lash Tint

Semi permanent tint to natural Lashes to give darker fuller look.

Lash Lift/Tint Combo

Service with both Lash Lift and Tint together.

Brow Tint

Semi Permanent color to darken bows.

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